Coding Challenge and Stellar

This week is more of an update since I been really busy. I had the opportunity to take my first coding challenge interview for a company called, Eulerity. I had to build an application where a user can select images and then download them. I had to build it with Javascript, HTML, and CSS, and then with React. This challenge tested my skills in web development, and my ability to learn new code and styles. I had to learn Javascript’s Axios, which is another of fetch in Javascript to retrieve information from the server/backend. From this coding challenge always able to learn to practice my Javascript code by creating elements for HTML by using document.createElement(“HTML-tag”). After I created the object, I then appended an element to a div. I am very thankful for Eulerity for providing this challenge to me as well as giving me the opportunity to interview with them.

The second part is that my second website for Oricale called Stellar has been built and publish to a GitHub page. As I have mentioned before, Stellar is a sample cafe that is showcasing my abilities in HTML, CSS, and Javascript and can be used something if a person wants. I want to make more websites for showcasing my growing skills and helping others in the future. Stellar is my first solo project after creating Oricale, and I hope you enjoy it. It is live at Please check it out.

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