First Client Website

Today, I had the opportunity to help my friend build her first website to promote herself. We used to build since it was her first. I used the initial idea of personal branding and promotion that I learned during the times I talked to my career coach, Paul Double. It is very hard for anyone to create a brand name to think of ideas on the spot. We are not actively thinking about this subject, which is why I tried to make it easier. Instead of thinking about the subject as a whole, break it down into pieces. The best example of this is you are creating a movie, and you want someone to watch it. How do you gain that person’s interest?

This movie is your selling point and your promotional piece. It will have a title, will have your values and goals. You are promoting yourself and this movie just like you are when you are at an interview you are selling yourself to a company. When I was working with Paul, I did not use this analogy, but when working on this website with my friend, this analogy dawned on me. We created the brand name, made a logo, and built out the homepage and about page. We made a lot of good progress, and I was able to utilize the knowledge I gained from working with Paul.

I value learning a lot and love being able to use the knowledge I acquire from all over. Knowledge is a great asset to have regardless of where you utilize it. I was proud to have the chance to be able to help build out and design a website for a client.

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