Oricale — The Vast Galaxy

Oricale Red Version

In today’s post, I created my company and logo for my website, personal branding, and the company. This name I will use for the sample websites or footers that I create. Oricale is my freelance company. It is a play on words using the word Oracle and the legendary metal, Orichalcum. Orichalcum is the strongest material used in crafting, and it is always used in video games. This company name just like myself is strong, passionate, hard-working, and confident in getting the job done right. While the company name shows strength, the logo shows growth.

The logo for Oricale is the idea of growth and its ever-expanding knowledge. A galaxy is a collection of objects in space containing planets, stars, dust, and more. It is a celestial body that is vast and huge. We do not know everything that is in a galaxy, but we are always finding new things in a galaxy every day. Like a galaxy, Oricale values its drive to know and understand new technology and hardware that comes out, and we can utilize it to help others. I love learning something new every day, either through reading, asking questions, or playing around with the technology. The idea of Oricale is growth and its passion for hard work. The colors I use in the logo design represent how people can be drawn in to learn something new, the same way as a black hole at the center of a galaxy brings things in. The idea of knowledge, growth, and passion is the same as outer space going and becoming vast.

My biggest quality is my drive to grow and learn and that is what Oricale is about. My company and I want to help in any way we can whether it is working for another company or helping individuals, businesses, or organizations. I want to help with that and allow them to learn and go with me. Oricale is here to everyone and every opportunity Oricale and I get is a good one.

Fun fact: Oracle is the nickname I was given due to my memory and knowledge of helping people whenever I can.

Check out my website at chris-ashman.com.

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